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enjoying a light drink- Cucumber Strawberry limeade #allnatural #pasadena

enjoying a light drink- Cucumber Strawberry limeade #allnatural #pasadena

OMG if he puts his finger in it, I’ll just die!

…I thought when a nice young man sat next to me on my flight tonight who spent several minutes gulping and slurping his beverage. When the top came off that’s exactly what went racing through my mind-and then it happened! The finger went in because evidently he was going to be certain to devour every droplet of his icy chocolatey goodness. I wanted to burst out with laughter when he started licking his finger but then I had another thought.

Shouldn’t we possess this same kind of relentless hunger for better health, better relationships, better selves. I mean, if we put that same kind of effort into trying to obtain those things, that this young man put into trying to retrieve his icy milk then perhaps we could get to that place that we all claim we want to be just a tad bit quicker :) Just a thought!

<3 and blessings!




If you want it bad enough, you’ll make the necessary sacrifices to get it!
- Unknown

I’m Suing Marvel Comics for Writing the Script to My Divorce, B.C.

That stands for b.efore C.amille. It was a set-up and I had no idea. How could they!? 

Thor knocked me upside the head with his hammer, while in a haze trying to recover Wolverine stabbed & pulled out my heart, then the Hulk SMASHED me around for the next couple of years!

Yep, that’s exactly how it went. I wish someone had dusted off and given me the script to review before hand. If it’s my story shouldn’t I be allowed to make edits, revisions, delete certain scenes and do my own stunts? I mean give a girl a break! If you’re like me, and are going through or have gone through a divorce then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Whatever the reason for the divorce it all seems surreal wanted or not- but especially if not wanted or prepared. It’s like a ton of bricks collapsed on you and you can’t really figure out where they came from and what’s going on.

Once the fog clears and the reality of the situation sets in, it feels like someone has ripped your heart out. You are dying a death not soon to be forgotten and have no idea how to regain consciousness, reclaim or recreate your life. That dang Wolverine is a beast! And after all of that, while the dust is settling it seems as if you just can’t get back on track. You feel lost, dragged through the mire and tossed against a wall over and over again.

Not to worry, I’m creating my own version of Avengers: Alliance, a community of people-Divorced Not Defeated, we are learning how to rewrite, revise and become the undefeated champions of our story.

Only I get to put my stamp of approval on the final copy and this story is still being written. I’ve started my rewrite and so far it’s been MARVELous!

#truth!!! It takes time ;)

#truth!!! It takes time ;)